Weekly Round Up!

We have had another busy week in Holly class this week!

In English we have been finishing writing our balanced arguments. The children have made sure they have fully explained their points, using evidence to back up their point. The children have also made effort to edit their own work and choose appropriate synonyms. Finally, the children published their work in their presentation books.

We have been busy using protractors in our maths lessons this week. The children have ensured that they have the protractor in the correct place and using their knowledge of acute, and obtuse angles to read the correct side of the protractor. We have also used our knowledge to work out angles around a point!

In our class book ‘The Midnight Hour’ Emily has just entered a new world looking for her missing mum and dad. We are unsure of why the people in this new world consist of a variety of monsters, but are looking forward to finding out the mystery about what has happened to her parents.

Finally, in Art this week the children have continued to create a background for their jaguar face. The children have practised drawing leaves and now are painting them on a large background. They have enjoyed experimenting with different shades of green and have been particularly careful when painting in the leaf shape.

Just a quick reminder that comprehension homework has changed to readtheory. I would like the children to complete half an hours worth of comprehension each week (I can track this through the website). If your child has difficulty accessing the internet for their homework or remembering their username please let me know.

Gardening, debating and painting!

This week we have been extremely busy in the classroom.

We have continued to learn about mixed number fractions and decimals in maths this week. The children have had the opportunity to generate their own decimal numbers using dice and then order them in ascending and descending order.

Each Friday a group of children have been going with Ms Springer to help with a different gardening activity. This week, the children from Adare were learning how to spot and record different types of birds. They learnt about how the species of birds differ and why people bother to record how many birds they spot in their garden. The children loved being able to observe nature. Next week will be Broxholme’s chance!20200124_09555220200124_094028

In English this week we have been planning and beginning to write our balanced argument about whether the rainforest should or shouldn’t be protected. We began the week by having a debate. Some children found it really hard to argue against the view point they actually believed. However, once we got started the children did excellently! They really enjoyed counter arguing and remembered the points for and against clearly.

Finally, the children have really enjoyed creating their art pictures. They have practised sketching jaguars from the rainforest and then using paint skills to create a realistic pattern. The children have then practised creating different green shades and sketching leaves which they will they transfer onto an A2 sized piece of paper. The project is going well and I  can’t wait to share with you the end results!

Please do not forget that we will be swimming every Thursday and that the children will continue to need their swimming kit each week.

As our homework comprehension books are finished, the children will now be asked to complete half an hour of read theory each week. They will be provided with a username and log in and the website will be explained to them on Friday. The children will need to answer 30 minutes worth of questions (which I will be able to track online). The website is: http://www.readtheory.org.uk

Another great week!

This week we have continued in our learning about the rainforest. We focused on learning about the different layers of the rainforest. They have explored about the different animals and wildlife which occupy each level.

We have also been focusing on balanced arguments for English. The children have studied balanced arguments and identified key features. This will help them as next week they will be writing a balanced argument about the rainforests and deforestation.

The children have enjoyed maths and learning about improper and mixed fractions. Once they had learnt the techniques, the children were able to solve converting between the two formats confidently.

Moreover, the children have continued to enjoy swimming. They have been focusing on different skills depending on their groups and have been showing excellent behaviour both to and from the swimming pool.

Our class book (The Midnight Hour) has continued to engage the imagination of the children. Emily’s Dad has just left the house to go and find her mum after an intriguing message was delivered to their door. The children are excited to see what is going to happen next and whether Emily is going to go after her parents to solve the mystery.

Swimming, Rainforests and The Great Kapok Tree!

This week Holly class got to experience their first swimming lessons of Year 5! They travelled quietly on the bus and were quickly in the pool excited to show off their skills from last year! The children enjoyed their experience and were quite tired during their last lesson of the day. Please remember to provide your child with a swimming costume, towel, goggles and swimming hat each week.

In English this week we have been memorising, performing and writing the story of The Great Kapok Tree. The children enjoyed creating a story map to help them with the order of the story. After, the children had the opportunity to perform to their class members (who were very supportive). To finish off the week, the children are writing up the story in their own words.

We have continued to focus on fractions in our maths lesson this week. We have been comparing and ordering fractions with different denominators by finding the lowest common multiple. The children have enjoyed the challenge and have realised the more confident they are at their times tables the easier they have found the lowest common multiple. Keep practising!

The children have really enjoyed learning about the rainforest and have been able to accurately locate them around the world using an atlas. They have thought about the features of a rainforest and discussed why they might all be located near the equator.

We are reading a book called ‘The Midnight Hour’ in class where a young girls mother has disappeared on a secret mission. So far the girl has just received a letter from her mother telling her that she will be back soon and not to worry… The class are excited to find out where the mother has gone and whether she will come back!

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school, I hope that you had a lovely relaxing Christmas break. We are having a great first week back in Holly Class!

This term we are focusing our learning around the topic of the rainforest. In Geography the children will be learning about the biomes, animals, layers and tribes which use the rainforest. They will then be thinking about the impact of deforestation, fair trade and climate change.

In English the children have started to learn an oral story called The Great Kapok Tree. The children will be making a story map to help them remember key information before performing the story to their classmates and then rewriting it in their English book.

We have also begun learning about fractions in maths this week. The children have represented, draw and identified fractions. We will be moving on to equivalent fractions later in the week.

This term Holly class will be attending swimming lessons. Please make sure that every Thursday the children come to school with their swimming costume, a towel, goggles and a swimming hat (so that they can partake in the lesson).

Homework will remain in the same format, being sent out on Friday’s and returned on Wednesdays.

Have a lovely rest of the week!


Trip to see ‘A Christmas Carol’

We have been continuing to work hard throughout the Christmas season.

In English we have been writing letters to the Prime Minister. We have been thinking about issues which matter to us and writing persuasively to convince the Prime Minister to listen. The children loved expressing their views and were extremely persuasive.

For maths, we have been working on area. We have worked out the area of rectilinear shapes and have learnt methods to solve shapes which are not straightforward rectangles. The children have remembered to use the correct measurements and can tell the difference between working out area and perimeter.

We have finished learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and have written an essay about how Britain has been impacted by this time period. The children loved being able to write all the information they have learnt and were effective at organising their ideas into paragraphs.

In guided reading we have nearly come to the end of Room 13! The children were excited to hear that there is a Vampire living in the hotel and that Fliss has been tasked with solving the situation. We don’t yet know what she is going to have to do…

Finally, this week we visited the Museum of London. The children had a chance to rediscover the Victorian Walk which shows a street as it was in the Victorian period. They saw Victorian toys, pharmacies and barbers. Children also had a chance to watch a performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’ in which they heard Charles Dickens classic story and were transported back to a Victorian christmas.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and a reminder that school finishes next week at 12.15pm!

Weekly Round Up

This week we have had another filled week of learning.

Holly class have become extremely interested in their scientific topic of ‘Life Cycles’. They have been researching how humans are helping endangered animals to survive in the wild and captivity. We have been discussing topical questions such as: is it right to keep animals in captivity. The children have all had interesting responses.

In English we have been writing diary entries, imagining that we are Vikings who have just completed a raid on England. The children have successfully used different sentence structures and have thought about how they can include parenthesis effectively. They have also been using paragraphs effectively to help structure their ideas for the reader to follow.

In maths we have been learning about short division, using the bus stop method to help us. The children have enjoyed using their times table knowledge to solve division problems. Next week we move on to remainders with division!

Our class read ‘Room 13’ has continued to grip our imaginations this week. The adventures of Fliss and her friends have continued and the mystery behind what is in Room 13 has still not been solved. The children are eager to hear what is behind the door and why pupil Ellie-May keeps going in there each evening.

Have a lovely weekend!

Weekly round up

This week we have continued in our learning about the Vikings and Life cycles!

In Science we have been learning about the life cycle of birds. Everyone found the idea that humans can affect the successful life cycle of a bird shocking. We learnt how Peregrine Falcons are being helped by humans who have built nests in Cathedrals to help them lay eggs safely.

Furthermore, in English we have been writing a letter of complaint about our hotel stay at the Viking Hotel. The children have been working hard to include parenthesis and relative clauses in their writing. The children have also continued to read ‘Room 13’. This is a book about a school trip to Whitby and the mysterious room 13 within the hotel.

For maths we have continued to work on multiplication. This week we have been applying our knowledge of short multiplication to word problems. Keep practising times tables at home as the more confident you are with them the easier you will find short and long multiplication.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Weekly round up

We hope that you have had an excellent week and enjoyed the extra long weekend!

This week in Holly class we’ve been continuing our learning on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. During history this week we had a debate about how similar the two peoples really were. The class enjoyed articulating their points and were really impressive, thinking on the spot to counter-argue each point made. The children then used this debate to write an answer in their topic books. Children are using the knowledge they have learnt to think about comparisons and differences.

In Art, we’ve been busy painting the background for our final piece based on a Viking boat. The children used one colour of paint and white to create a sky scene. They then brushed water over the paint to stop any blocks of colours occurring. It was nice to have a different start to the day and the children even got to practise their cleaning up skills at the end of the session!

Moreover, in science this week we were researching into insect life cycles. We began by defining what an insect is and moved on to look at metamorphosis in several insects. During PSHE we discussed the issue of bullying and thought about ways we could be responsible to reduce this happening in our school. Children realised that they too could help to make someone feeling lonely a little bit happier.

For maths this week Holly class have been focusing on multiplication, especially x10, x100 and x1000. It would be excellent if you could continue to practise these with your children (as once they have learnt the pattern it will help them with their accuracy and fluency in arithmetic).

Finally, in English we have been practising our relative clauses. This is where a relative pronoun is used to add extra information about the subject of the sentence.

e.g. The ball popped.

The ball, which was red, popped.

The children have worked really hard this week! Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

Weekly Roundup

Holly class have enjoyed their learning this week, especially making poppies for Remembrance Day on Monday. The children wrote messages of thanks to the soldiers who have given their lives for the country and learnt about why we remember on the 11th November.

In English the children have been very convincing when writing adverts for the Viking Hotel. They have been changing negative features in to positive features to try to convince people to stay at the hotel.

In Maths this week the children have been busy finding out about prime numbers, factors and multiples. They have been drawing factor bugs to see that a prime number only has 2 factors – 1 and itself! They have found that being confident in their times tables has helped them to reach the right answers.

We enjoyed house day this week, focusing on mental health. The children experienced different workshops all with a differing focus. We talked about positive body image, cyber bullying and even choosing happiness. The children enjoyed their day and learning about the range of topics.

We hope that you have a lovely long weekend and wrap up warm in this cold weather! Homework was given out a day early (Thursday) but is still expected to be returned on Wednesday.